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1、 is it right? Mom, you are prettier, you must pay attention to the body, your son and I had a very good. Today is Easter day, God called me to give you a text message, he said that he will bless you more and more beautiful, no one at home mom is not as beautiful as you. You must be happy oh.


2、 dear mom and Dad, Easter day you are doing, I think you, now the Lord has made me let flowers fragrant, you sent a copy of the Ankang, I wish you through the depression, happy to live in the ocean. The Lord bless and keep you.


3、the lord commands in any case, parents today I will send you blessing, he says you are getting older and older, the body is more and more bad, but God never mind, the Lord in heaven watching you, he would help me take care of you, you will go the distance barrier, share my happiness to you. Thank you Lord, I wish mom and dad happy easter.


4、 mom and dad you good! Easter, I don't have anything for you, to give you a text message, I wish you spring to mind, good at hand. Forever happy. From your son.


5、you still busy, today is Easter, the Lord has blessed us, you also remember to pray, wish you happy every day, work order, it is the Lord that I feel shy for you, you can be happy oh.




1、baby alive every day, we are the most important treasure 's grace, the enjoyment of God has given us a passion for life, in God's care for each other, must be grateful to God, because our lives have been regarded as precious lord, we want to cherish well! Kiss -


2、baby when you see this message, I was to pray for you, pray you happy now than in the past, today than you were yesterday, this year than last year on happiness, now I have become a prince to stand beside you. Prays for heavenly blessing you forever to be light of heart from care.


3、baby now I pray to God, our love forever! Although love is a very complicated way, but down to master seeking answers, we can form the truth before the Lord, moved days moved God, for the LORD put one's heart and soul into! Meet with you show grace.


4、 baby when we repent of faith, the life of Christ has been raised in the US, the Scripture says" live no more I, but the LORD liveth in me", so may the Lord bless you my dear you have to happiness, believe that your life is full of the Holy Spirit, the Lord bless you.


5、 baby you know Lord are cheering for you! The Lord is giving you strength, trust in God's help recover soon, it will bring you the wings to fly, since you can soar to great heights.



1、One, when you are sad, bored, please look up and have a look of the stars in the sky, the light is the largest our God Jesus, it is watching you, care about you, he wants you safe and happy! Happy happy! He will bring you the best wishes and happy.


2、Two, when you encounter difficulties and suffering the hands hold note to consult God, God will give you the answer! After the disappointment and struggle when asked the Lord, the Lord will show you the way and direction! Of sorrow when close to the Lord, the Lord will give you comfort! Tired of looking up to the Lord, the Lord will give you the strength! The lack of possessions of worship the Lord, the Lord will give you supply!


3、Three, the Lord now sentenced you joy without period, deprived of depressed power lifelong, confiscated all the lonely worry, no appeal, immediate execution! Please render unconditional obedience to all this! Lord Jesus declaration!

主现在判处你喜乐无期,剥夺郁闷权力终身,并处没收全部寂寞烦恼,不得上诉,立即执行!请无条件服从这一切吧! 耶稣大人宣言!

4、Four, the earth hill running crack, the sea wind mad and, please don't be sad, because there the Lord beside you, when you're hungry pain when sad, when you are weak, will never stand up, God will help you, call you soul to rest in peace, life more brilliant!


5、Five, my dearest friend, occasionally busy, do not forget; not to greetings, this time with compensation, in this beautiful season, the Lord may you mood ripples; happy life, happiness forever.


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